Feeling depressed.

Does anyone know anything about Chatswood?

On the plane…

-there was a bunch of people heading towards the same destination, Hawaii or France for example. One of them was a billionare man and the other a woman.

The man says to the woman, “Would you like to come and stay with me for the night for $10, 000.00?”

The woman thought for a second and replied with a ‘yes’.

When the flight has landed at their destination, the man turns to the woman and asks, “Would you like to come with me and stay with me for the night for $10.00?”

The woman, shocked and outraged, questions him. “What do you take me for?”

The man’s face instantly lights up. With eyes that glinted with mirth and a very amused coy-like smile, he responds, “We’ve already established that. Now we’re just haggling the price.”

I would insert a funny icon here, ‘cept this is the public computer.

Bullet Points

My laptop sucks and the computers here are slow. But nonetheless, I have observed my fellow dwellers in the dormitory and uni, so I have an idea of when and where to go on specific times, so:

  • Planning on posting every Friday now
  • Pictures and videos are a pain to load on slow laptops and computers, so I’ll try to load them when only a few/ no one is using the coms
  • So Youtube blogging will not be loaded so often

Sorry for the short blog : (

Internet Cable

Sorry for not updating for nearly a week. Internet access in one of the hotels is expensive. But now… I’m back > :D. I can update stuff again!!
… Seems like I have a lot to do…

Where would you rather go to? Hogwarts or Pigfarts?

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This Evening

Went out with my old friends from highschool together for the FIRST TIME IN YEARS!! Everyone has grown up so much, I miss the old times when we didn’t have so much responsibilities and when we were young.

Haha, there’s a reason why they say I sound like an old person.

Today was short, but it was fun and worth it. I had so much fun hanging out with them. I’m glad our surprise birthday party was a success. In turn she surprised us with her own announcement:

Congratulations on being engaged! 

If your soon-to-be groom does anything bad or crosses you, your friends will deal with him.

A very good evening for a very early happy birthday indeed : ).

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